For all our visual learners out there, we’ve developed an easy, breezy, beautiful…badge color system! What are 2girlsandapin badges, you may ask? The badges serve as a visual representation of a rating system for all the pins we’ve tried. You have three possible options:

Green Badge
Badges with a green ribbon are what we generally refer to as success pins! So, we’ve tried this pin, we followed their instructions, and the final product is an absolute WIN! Green ribbons represent pins that are great just as they are and would require absolute minimum edits from us.
Yellow Badge
Badges with a yellow ribbon are pins that are okay. These are definitely not pins to write home about in their current state. These pins will usually have a great deal of editions, corrections, and comments. These are by no means a complete waste of your time, but if you read our suggestions, they may actually turn into a success pin!
Red Badge
Badges with a red ribbon are much like a traffic light…red means STOP! Do not pass go, do not collect 200…just no! These are the fail pins. Pins that are adorned with a red ribbon unfortunately cannot be helped! These are pins we’ve tried and have not completed successfully based solely on the pin’s explanation. These pins are just unfixable even with our tremendous knowledge and experience. Sorry dudes, but you’ve been RED RIBBONNED!

Disagree with a badge we’ve put on a pin? PLEASE let us know! If there is a pin that you’ve tried and it was a complete success, even though it failed for us, LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us how you did it! We are all about giving pins a chance and helping them redeem themselves! :)