Affiliate Program Disclosure and Practices

2 Girls and A Pin participates in Amazon and Google’s affiliate programs. If you see a link in our posts that is grey (as opposed to our usual green/purple links), that is an affiliate link. You have 2 Girls and A Pin’s word that ALL products we recommend are ones we use ourselves and have purchased before. We don’t get jack for free from anyone, so all the products attached to affiliate links are ones we actually use and are not provided by anyone other than our wallets.

According to Pat from “Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.” So, when you see a link for a product we like and use (and we’ll only link to products we’ve used/purchased before) and you click on it, we’ll get a tiny commission on the sale of that product. Click on a link, buy something, and we get enough kickback to split a beer.

2 Girls and A Pin does not get free products to review. We only review products we buy and use ourselves. If, at any point, we start accepting products, we will make sure this practice is stated clearly. Sending us free stuff to review does not guarantee a positive review.