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Surviving downsizing

I have been sitting here for at least 45 minutes trying to figure out how to start off this post. I tried “Hello, stranger!”, “Howdy”, “I am back!”, and my favorite “Holy boxes!” but none of those really work in this situation.  I am just too exhausted to really find

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Tinted Mason Jar

I must admit, it’s nice to be back. I can’t deny though, that I’ve been neglecting my duty here at 2 Girls and A Pin. It’s just that my business, BinaryLily is taking off and I am super busy trying to make the web a better and prettier place. Also,

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Last Minute 4th of July Nails

The hottest holiday of the summer is almost here, just a day away. And I finally got a minute to post. Unfortunately, I decided to do all of this late and didn’t realize how badly I needed to go through my nail polish collection and throw away some things. So

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Neon Nails for a Neon Race

Time: 30-45 minutes Difficulty: easy Level: beginner Hi, everyone! Long time no post. I know, I know, I am a horrible human being. Things haven’t been all sunshine and flowers for me while I’ve been absent from the blog. First of all, remember my kitty, Squeaks? My little furry baby…she

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Italian Braised Chicken with Cannellini Beans

Let me start off by saying that though the picture doesn’t look remotely like what’s on the Cooking Light Magazine’s website, the recipe has passed the most scrupulous test. And that, ladies and gents is the test of taste buds in my husband’s mouth.