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Tinted Mason Jar

I must admit, it’s nice to be back. I can’t deny though, that I’ve been neglecting my duty here at 2 Girls and A Pin. It’s just that my business, BinaryLily is taking off and I am super busy trying to make the web a better and prettier place. Also,

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Tested: Clean used candle jars

I’ve been eyeing this pin, I found on Pinterest forever ago, in hopes of someday figuring out a way how to reuse and repurpose all those used candle jars that had minuscule amounts of wax left at the bottom. Finally, I gave this post a read and realized it is

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Water stains and lemon

When I first saw this pin, I thought to myself “OMG! If this really works, I am going to wee, wee all the way home .” I almost held my breath, no joke. The pin blew up in popularity with almost 300 re-pins within 24 hours. I knew at that

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