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Sausage Vegetable Bake

OK, so I’ve been looking at this recipe for FOREVAH and wondering if I should give it a go. Then I remembered, I write for this awesome blog, so I really should give this Pinterest recipe a try…on my blog that tests recipes from Pinterest. Crazy idea, don’t you agree?

Crock Pot GARLIC Chicken Legs

Now, you may think this is a typo…but nope, is the answer. There is a reason the word “garlic” is in all CAPS in this title…and that is because for this gem right here, you’ll need a whopping 20 cloves of garlic! Vampires beware, this one might sting a little.

Baked Breakfast Egg Boats

After a few days of radio silence, we’re back! And I promise I had a great reason…. I won’t bore you with the details, but due to a set of “unfortunate” circumstances, the significant other and I ended up spending a week in Porto Rico. So, you will forgive me

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