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Buttermilk Pound Cake

After the unfortunate first red badge in 2girlsandapin history we appointed earlier to the Cheese, Olive, and Buttermilk Herb Bread I felt like I need a palate cleanser! So, I turned to Pinterest gods for something to make and salvage at least some of the ingredients I had to buy for the previous baking

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Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes

Happy New Year! Oh my, it’s 2013 already. Where did the time go? I think I spent it all pinteresting around like a crazy person, looking for recipes and DIYs. I was lucky enough to prepare a Christmas meal for four this year. Although I would have loved to have

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Peach Cobbler

I was having a SERIOUS case of sweet tooth the other night, so I ventured into our Food 2 Test Pinterest board for a solution. I was also SUPER lazy and didn’t feel like going to the store for anything special, so the parameters for this late-night sweets fest had to fill

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