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Paleo Lasagna

So, the latest (I don’t really think I can call it a fad, since it’s a take on what our Stone-Age ancestors had access to over 2.5 million years ago…so they’ve kind of done it before it was cool) diet is a modern rendition of the Paleolithic Diet. Apparently, this

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Enchilada Pasta Casserole

So, when you see the original pin this one came from, you’ll understand why I wanted to test it. I mean, even though the gorgeous picture the original recipe provides is exponentially better than the picture I took with a potato (read: my phone camera), it still looks absolutely divine and

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Cheesy Cheese Dip

I’ve been eyeing this recipe for a while now, but the quantities seemed just so massive that there would have probably been too much cheese for just me and my lactose intolerant penguin (read: just me), so I decided to hold off on it until either a pot luck rolls

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Simple Turkey Chili

Since we’re not huge red meat eaters in my household, turkey has become our go-to meat substitute for ground beef. If you season it right, ground turkey tastes almost exactly like ground beef to me. I’ve made really decadent burgers with it, meatballs, and lasagnas…but one of my favorite turkey recipes EVER

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