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Scalloped hasselback potatoes

The recipe comes from Tasty Kitchen and is a great little collage of pictures with instructions on how to prepare said monstrosity of ridiculousness. Since the Internet has been exploding with this post, we decided to finally give it a try! Let’s see where this takes us…

Oven Baked Broccoli

When I was making the Hawaiian Meatloaf the other day I wanted something green on the plate to complement the meaty goodness and the delicious garlic mashed potatoes. Then, I remembered seeing this little gem in our Food 2 Test Queue and it seemed very quick and simple…so I decided to

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Avocado Tomato Salad

Ok, I don’t know how many of you go through this, but certain fruits and vegetables become the “it girl (or boy)” in my kitchen. I go through these phases where everything I cook has some variation of asparagus, or yellow squash, or green chilies…and recently, I’ve noticed I’ve been gravitating towards avocados. Now,

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