Can I pin your images? 

Yes, you pin any of our images as long as the link leads back to our site.

Can I use any of your images on my blog? 

Yes, please do. Just make sure that the watermark is present and you attribute the work to us. If you would like to use one of our images without a watermark, please send an email to hello@2girlsandapin.com

2 Girls and A Pin used my image I am not happy about it.

We are so sorry if that happened. We will tend to this issue immediately. Please notify us by emailing takedownmy@2girlsandapin.com. We take copyright very seriously and would never intentionally infringe.

2girlsandapin use Pinterest for it’s intended use of a virtual pinboard and base our blogging on it. We repin from other Pinterest users and never repin from a blog that has a disclaimer against pinning their images.

I want for 2 Girls and A Pin to test one of my recipes or DIY projects.

If you are interested in getting “badged” by us, please tweet your project’s URL to @2girlsandapin and use hash tag “#testPin”. We will then add your project to our test pin queues.

My project received a red badge. What can I do to change that? 

We are sorry that your project received a red badge. Please remember that we are not here to attack you or your project. Our rating system is not a reflection of our personal feelings towards you or your blog. Because of the nature of our site, we cannot simply change a post’s rating based on your personal experience. If you are certain that we are wrong, we encourage you to leave a comment on how we can improve the outcome of a pin or what went wrong and led for us to deem it ruined. We do a detailed, step by step analysis of any recipe, DIY & beauty projects for the purpose of chronicling any and all possible issues that may arise. We’ll gladly give your project another chance, if your advice is something we can follow. We’re all here to give pins a chance!

How do I navigate your Pinterest boards?

We’re trying to keep our Pinterest boards as intuitive as possible. There are possible options where you can find our pins:

1) Testing Queues (Food, Beauty, DIY, Crafts): These are boards where we place pins we’re going to be testing in the near future. We’ll also gladly take suggestions. Simply repin a food item with @2girlsandapin in the comment area and we will add it to our queue!

2) Green, Yellow or Red Badge Boards (Green Badge Food, Yellow Badge Food, Red Badge Food, Green Badge Beauty, Yellow Badge Beauty, Red Badge Beauty, Green Bade DIY, Yellow Badge DIY, Red Badge DIY): These are the boards that are separated based on the 2girlsandapin Badge system. Pins in these boards have been tested and reviewed. By clicking on pins in these boards, you can read our detailed reviews and opinions about each of the pins we tested. Read more about our Badge system here.

3) Tested Boards (Tested Food Pins, Tested Beauty Pins, Tested DIY Pins): These boards serve as a way for us to archive the pins we’ve already tested, so that we can keep track of the original pins we already went through. This is also a visual reference for our readers, so that they can visually recognize what pin we’re testing.

4) Miscellaneous Boards: everything else :)